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It's one of the most unique Montego Bay excursions you'll ever do in your life. Swimming with horses in the Caribbean Sea. Take a drive, or book a tour out to St. Anne and stop at Chukka Cove in Llandovery.

The tour starts with a 30-45 minute trail ride where you'll go through farmland, jungle trails and end up at a beach for the obligatory photo stop.

It's then back to the corral via the beach and a chest high ride through shallow waters before you change horses and get on the ride of your life.


Explore the beautiful cave system where James Bond's Live and Let Die was filmed is one of the top Montego Bay Attractions.

But it's not just famous for the movie, the Green Grotto Caves played a large roll in Jamaican history.

The 1.5 km long cave system was a hiding place for both slaves and the Spanish in the 17th century. They are also home to 1o million bats!


There is nothing more relaxing than a bamboo rafting excursion down the Martha Brae River. It's a beautiful scene as you float through old plantations and jungle scenery while your friendly guide steers the bamboo raft through the maze of rocks and trees.

There are bars, shops and rope swings set up along the way, so bring some money along to enjoy a beer on the river.


There are zip line and canopy tours in many parts of Jamaica, but it seems the Montego Bay tours go to Montpellier. This zip line adventure takes you through and over the jungle canopy as guides tell jokes and keep you entertained.

The two-hour tour has five flights over the river and through trees as you learn about the flora and fauna. Be prepared to hike up ladders and stand on ledges. But don't worry, you are strapped in at all times.